Sunday 14 June 2020

2020 Score Football Box Break - Pack #2

The second pack has a nice start with a defensive player with the ball. It is nice even though this interception came against the Bills. Marcus holds the NFL record for the longest interception return without scoring a touchdown at 104 yards.
Here's a far nicer card with Bills content.
And a kicker gets a card in this pack as well.
The photographic war in this pack is easily won by this Darius Slayton reception.
But with my love for weather on cards made this Mahomes a contender.
Here's a four course meal worth of fun facts.
The inserts made this a Josh Jacobs hot pack. There was his base card as well to make this a tripleheader.
The draft insert features a second round pick of the Bengals.
But here's another Bills card in the pack, with an interesting, albeit premature celebration during the playoff game against Houston.
No autograph in the pack this time, but there was a gold /50 parallel in it. The gold works nicely with the green border on a Packers card for an aesthetic bonus.

There you have it!

1 comment:

  1. How is Josh Jacobs under the radar? LOL

    Edmunds wins the food battle.

    Voting for the Mahomes. Honorable mentions go to the Slayton and the Jacobs Breakthrough.