Thursday 30 April 2020

May I See Your Credentials? - Part 2

Pack 5:
A bit of variety to start off this pack with a McDavid base card and an insert of his.
Here's one of this set's chase card. This is a thick metal card that weighed down the pack and was obviously contained within this pack. Good for pack searchers. This one is the gold parallel, which are the only parallels in this Steel Wheels insert set.

Pack 6:
This was the only regular Senators base card in the box, and the 50-card portion of the set.
While my acetate card in the first part of the box was a redemption, I did get a base parallel. Take off the bar code and the NSH/D/57 out, and add a signature and that is probably what the Adam Fox card will look like.

Pack 7:
Just another parallel of note in this pack. The red foil doesn't scan well on black, but this is /99.

Pack 8:
And the final numbered card.
I did mention the more generic science-y backs of the Rookie Science cards, so here's one of them to wrap up this box.

Great design throughout, and I'm happy I busted some of this. Please don't let this be a one-and-done product for UD. It is sorta similar in format to SPA, but the colour throughout the set makes it a little nicer, even if the auto content is a little lower.


  1. I like the product. Opened a pack, got a Carey Price and PK Subban base card in my pack. So I was thrilled. Got the two I was after in one shot.
    Now to see if they have any inserts...

  2. Voting for the base McDavid. Might seem like an upset, but he's the only guy I've heard of in this group.