Tuesday 28 April 2020


I guess catching up on the cards that I either acquired through e-packs, or cheaply because it was low-priced on COMC, is appropriate for days like this.
I'm leading with the low-priced card because, as the more grammatically inclined might have gathered from the opening sentence, there was only one. It is a very red Jeff Skinner card for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. I am really glad he is sporting the road whites in this photo so it doesn't look like one of the red Aurums from this year's Artifacts.
A couple AHL packs landed a second Rangers alum in former Ottawa Senator Matt Puempel.
Both 2018 and 2019 gets representation in the CFL portion of the mailer. My fave here is easily the Paredes, because it both features a kicker, and because the colour of the parallel matches the team colours. While it also does so with the Messam, there's a hint of green with it being a 'traded' card.

Not only a low-numbered patch, but one for my favourite team! WOO-HOO!
And an auto as well! Kristen is currently a sideline reporter and host for NBA broadcasts, so I might as well file this with the basketball hits. My binders. My rules.

And there you have it - cards I didn't even have to leave the house to acquire!


  1. That UD Game Patch card is cool. I like how they have his photo up front and the field and the Tiger-Cats colors blurred in the background to match that sweet patch.

    1. That was part of the stadium layout - they just happened to have it perfectly work with the card photo.

  2. I'm surprised the AHL cards look so nice.

    But my vote goes to the autographed Ledlow.