Monday 13 April 2020

Another box of Chronicles - Part 1

With the football version of this product dropping this month, why not bust a box of the baseball version in anticipation of it? I'll probably end up doing at least a box of the football, since the basketball will continue to be priced insanely for this year's releases.

Pack 1:
Well, what a nice start for the ol' team collection. 2 Vlads, one being a hit, and an Alonso. That Mondesi is a pretty nice looking photo as well, barely noticing the lack of logo on it.

Pack 2:
There's one of the non-hit packs, but at least there is a shiny Spectra card in there. Austin Riley isn't a bad player to get a /99 parallel out of.

Pack 3:
Sure, there's an autograph in there (Meisinger appears not to have any Topps cards yet), but I gotta give that nice shiny Alonso /199 the nod as the best card in the box. While I have yet to land an autograph of his, I've landed some really nice numbered parallels from my breaks of this.

That's 3 packs. 3 more tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool that you're breaking this again, seems like it's always a fun rip!