Friday 3 April 2020


Packages are still rolling into, and out of Chez Buckstorecards. I didn't have to wait until next year to get the latest one from Tom at WTNY.

The package was mainly Mets, but there was a lone Blue Jay with this Vladdy insert.
Does this card of Michael Conforto count as a Mets card? Yes. My binders. My rules.
The same holds true for this bat sliver.
Vintage! I really can't wait for '73 to makes its appearance in Heritage form.
I did bust quite a bit of Stadium Club in 2018, but didn't get this red parallel of Cespedes in my box/pack busting adventures.
I flat out had no idea which set these cards were from. Turns out this is the Mets content from the 1986 Topps Woolworth's Super Stars box set. I also now realize that I have to have the Gorman Thomas card from that set, since my collection really needs a badassery boost.
A nice mix in the David Wright content.
And here's a scanner bed worth of the rest of the Mets. Love that Seaver! Those Platinum cards are likely my first cards from that set.
And one last hit to wrap up the Mets, but not the package.

Tom knows I love me some repacks. So, these were in the package as well!
Two 80 card baseball repacks! These are especially welcome as these seem to have vanished from the Dollarama for the time. I'm a little backlogged in my repack show-offs as of late, but they'll go into the box and get to busting these once I get through some hockey and basketball.

So, thanks for all these goodies Tom, and I'll definitely look for Cubbies to fill up future PWEs.


  1. Glad you liked the cards.
    Isn't it crazy how a stern look accompanied by some facial hair (George Foster) can turn a card from just okay to a high level of bad-assery? Gary Carter has the same exact pose in that Woolworth's set, but I would pass on the HOFer and take the Foster card everyday of the week.

  2. Solid package from Tom. As much as I bash Panini and their baseball cards, I do really like the look of those Stars and Stripes Crusade cards. I've actually thought about building that set, but I don't really need another set build.

  3. Great stuff! I really like the David Wright mini. Hope the repacks yield some nice finds.

  4. I wish I had some repacks to go through. Tempted to hit up Walgreen's for a cheap scarf and hope they have some Fairfield boxes while I'm there.

    Good luck.