Thursday, 24 August 2017

And The Rest!

Time to put the rest of the Cardboard History mailer form last week to rest with some additions to the miscellaneous portions of my collection.
While I do not actively hunt down Vancouver Grizzlies cards with the same intensity I do for Raptors, or even Celtics, I still like to grab them when I can find one for a reasonable price. There's a lot of the usual suspects in this group (Reeves, Abdur-Rahim) so that makes my favourite the "oh yeah, he did play there" guys of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Lee Mayberry.
I live drawn cards, whether on checklists, Diamond Kings, or whatever, so these are always welcome in the miscellaneous basketball binder. The five-wolf moon of Tony Campbell is a dupe, but all the rest are new. Man, those acid-washed/tie-dye uniforms of the Nets were hideous, even in this form.
Some mask binder candidates to wrap up[ the trade post. Gotta go with the classic blue and simple design sported by Malarchuk as my fave here.

And there you go. Only one more envelope to get to, and I should finally be caught up by the weekend.


  1. Sees Stars goalie, last name spelled "T-U-R..." <:-O

    "...E-K" ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

  2. Glad you like them. What I had to send was a little weak compared to what you sent me, so I just grabbed random cards out of my duplicate box. Seems like I chose well on those team cards!