Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I lamented the lack of Mets cards in my COMC To Be Posted container yesterday, and thought that that fact didn't bode well for the Mets. And I was right. Still, with the injury bug that obliterated the starting rotation, I'm still happy they saw at least one post-season game.

And since I have no Mets to post, how about a cathartic post of the Giants cards in the box? All 3 of them!
Definitely not the type of slick defensive type action you usually see on a card, but I'll definitely add it to my collection of interesting card photos without a second thought.
Pitcher at the plate, on a card that celebrates his batting acumen? Seems like a good way to follow that up.
The photo on the back might even be better, showing a celebration shot after a successful at-bat.
And a throwback uniform. I hope that wasn't a warm, sunny day that the teams decided to turn back the clock, since those look like they'd be scorchers to wear. But, Oakland's uniforms that day only seem more comfortable based on being light coloured.

And there you go.

Time to drown my sorrows in 6 hours worth of Forensic Files.

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