Saturday, 22 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 3 and 4

Back to the box for some more pack busting.

Pack #3:
First card is a Tatooine card (TM: GCRL).
These two cards were back to back in the pack. Not quite as interesting as the time I pulled a Mike Carp and Mike Trout back-to-back, but still interesting collation with comparable photos.
Eduardo Nunez takes this pack's "best framing with the smoke design" nod.
Best photo is a no-doubter in this. A beautiful farewell photo.
But this Mark Trumbo is really close.
Since I probably was the only Mets collector who didn't get the Topps Now of Bartolo's home run, at least I can still add a card to my collection in checklist form.
And the Blue Jays content of this pack.
And your inserts/parallels. Tommy Joseph is the barely-legible gold /2016.

Pack #4:
Here, the dupes started to make their appearance. But, in this case it meant I landed a Tyler Clippard for the base set, and one for the 2/14 collection. As best as I can recall, he's the only 2/14 binder member among the base.
While I got dupes of Robles and Niese in this pack, I did add some new Mets as well. Back-to-back packs with Bartolo content as well. Not bad in a pack where maybe 10 cards were new.
And one of the newer Blue Jays.
Here's my first hit in the box of the promised three. I thought this might be the first brown swatch in my collection, but then I recalled having a dual Kiko Alonso/Barkevious Mingo relic sitting in my Bills binder due to the former.
And the rest of the inserts. The Burke Waldron (a 92 year old Navy veteran of WW2) wins this one easily. This is the first pack so far lacking a gold parallel, but that rainbow is pretty nice.

And there's two more packs down. Next up, moving past the halfway mark.


  1. Love that Bogaerts brown relic card!

    I seem to remember you pulling a Pumpsie Green buyback that I was insanely jealous of sometime back. If you ever want to part with it my Bartolo Colon Topps Now HR card is all yours ;-)

  2. I'm such a sucker for All Star relics.