Thursday, 13 October 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 40.2 - Preparation

Going back-to-back with a Dollarama two-step. One $1 for 15 hanger, and a Surprise bag.
2011 Biography of a Season - Ilya Bryzgalov - Start off with a mask binder card.
1992 Classic Draft - Lonnie Loach - One of those names that was fun to say.
1994 UD - Greg Adams - A nice check along the boards on the front, a low angle shot from the Game 6 of the Cup Finals on the back. That's a great card on both sides.
1993 Leaf - Gary Suter - 1993 Leaf! Must show card back!

2005 UD - Zdeno Chara - Sens content!
2003 ITG Action - Wade Redden - Back-to-back Sens content.
2003 ITG Action - Wayne Primeau - Back-to-back cards from the same set.
1991 O-Pee-Chee San Jose Sharks - Peter Lappin - And an insert card for the players claimed in the Expansion Draft by San Jose.
1993 Score - Marc Bergevin - After not getting many of these 1993 Score cards in these $1 repacks, now I go back-to-back with them.
2005 UD - Teppo Numminen - Two horizontal cards from the same set in this repack.
1991 UD - Alexei Zhamnov
1993 Leaf - Stephan Lebeau - 1993 Leaf! Must show card back!
1991 Pro Set - Neal Broten
1990 Bowman - Bob Carpenter
2013 Team Canada - Glen Murray - The last one started with a patriotic card. This one ends with one.

And the Surprise Bag.
At least all 4 items are actual cards.
The 70s/80s pack was what I expected. Two 1989 cards, and an older one. They usually aren't older ones from as far back as 80-81 though. While Ron did makes some appearances on WHA cards prior to this, this was his only NHL card appearance. He was the Oilers captain in their first NHL season, and that's obviously an Oilers jersey as opposed to a Nords one.
The misc. pack wasn't too bad. Some recent Upper Deck issues and a couple HOFers making junk wax era appearances. Shuchuk is the odd man out in this group.
And Ryan O'Reilly has obviously moved to Superstar status based on this. Or is it Trouba? Either way, it is another repack where I get a card for Too Many Manninghams.
And the pack. Ilya Bryzgalov makes his second appearance in this post on the parallel card, but the Cupquest insert card is actually a pretty good pull, with it being a semi-finals card. The CQs fell at 1:6, but the ones for later rounds of the playoffs were shorter printed.

Better all around than yesterday's repack, and definitely more worth my money in terms of entertainment value.

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