Monday, 17 October 2016

Hide Your Heart, Girl!

Now, for the 4th box of the package, and the last of the football boxes. I was really looking forward to busting this, as some of the photo choices were really incredible in this. The product promises 4 packs of 10 cards, each with an autograph. All the autos are stickergraphs, but I'm really into this in order to add some great photos into my binders. I will show the 9 non-autos first, then follow that up with the autograph.

Pack #1:
Something I don't say much about card photography is that I like the lighting on one of these. Specifically, the Eric Ebron. The dark background gives the vibe you'd see from watching some wrestling or boxing from MSG from the 80s or earlier. The Winston and Clowney are the blue parallels. That's back-to-back football boxes with Jadeveon Clowney cards in it. My 2/14 collection appreciates that. And if you are going to have long hair in your card photo, it better be flying behind you.

And the hit, which some of you old folks might have gathered was coming by the title of this post.
'cause Eli's coming! I'm slight leaning towards COMCing this card, mainly because I've got a good home in mind for an even better auto to come.

Pack #2:
Back-to-back 2/14 content. Even better, this Alshon is a gold parallel /99. That's a beautiful Tony Dorsett insert as well, with an interesting angle but still with the classic Dallas logo perfectly framed in the middle. While the Brandin Cooks would be an easy choice for the best photo in the pack, there's an unfortunate (for me) problem with that. I'd already added the card into my latest COMC shipment, although that was the blue parallel and this is the base card.

The hit:

That's a bit of a step down from Eli.

Pack #3:
I like when casual photos away from the action make their way into these sets, so I really like the Ekpre-Olomu. Steve Smith lacks the Sr. that has been on most of his cards the past few tears, but he does appear to be holding on to the ball while straddling the sideline in this picture. While there are many entrance photos in this set there can't be too many post-game exit photos. I love that the Elway photo is from the orange uniform era. Gerald Christian is also an interesting card to get, as he was 2015's Mr. Irrelevant. He's now on the Bills.

The hit:
I know a certain super-trading Oregon Ducks alumni collector that was happy to learn I pulled this card. This is a gold parallel of the package cover boy, and is /99. The gold auto parallels are 1:9 packs.

Pack #4:
That Silas Redd was one of the photos I was definitely hoping to pull. Photographically, probably the best of the break. The rest of it was bland, but it offset the greatness of the first photo. Victor Cruz should be doing the salsa on his card.

The hit:
As Andre Williams was to 2014, Mike Davis was to 2015. At least he has nicer penmanship than the Mike Davis that debuted the previous season. I'm not sure who my 2016 stalker will be, as the only rookie hit I've personally pulled was a Leonte Carroo relic. Obviously, that doesn't count my group break Bills goodies. I still have to track down a Shaq Lawson and a Kolby Listenbee to complete the hits of this year's rookie class.

Two great autos and some great photos. What a box!

And my favourite hit still hasn't appeared on the blog. You'll have to wait for my 2016-17 Hoops box post to find out what that was.


  1. That was a really great box! Congrats. This looks like the Stadium Club of football products. Though it's not as consistently great in the photography department, the standouts are really exceptional!

  2. Wow, you hit the mother lode with that box! I opened three of them and got Mike Evans, and a couple other decent stars, but not as consistently good as yours.
    Still looking for a lot of the base cards if you're interested in trading.

  3. That's a damn good box! I'd rather it actually BE Stadium Club, though. Maybe with Topps exclusively doing baseball they can at least consistently produce TSC now.