Saturday, 8 October 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.2 - Something New in the Aisles

And now, the other 5 packs.

2014 Perennial draft Picks *2
2015 Heritage High #s
2013 Series 2
2011 Elite Extra Edition (I think this was the promised hobby pack)

A lot of stuff here I've never busted. I've busted hobby (but not retail) Perennial, and 2013 S2, but everything else is new. In fact, through the whole box, only that and the Babe Ruth were old hat to me. I don't know if I'd do this again, but did enjoy the break.
As I said, S2 was a familiar bust. I'm still going to be happy landing this sweet die-cut of Ernie Banks from that pack.
Gettys was the only guy I'd heard of from the first pack of Perennial. However, reading the back of Malik Collymore's card showed he will be a new addition to my CanCon collection. New, and unexpected, PC cards are always nice.
At least the PC card in the second pack was more obvious - a shiny addition to my Mets binders.
Here's the Heritage High #s. Another new pack for me. There's a Blue Jays card in here, but the Jerome Williams with his famous pink glove is my favourite in this batch.
And the hobby pack produces a hit. Erik moved on from the Sox to San Diego this past season, and on the same day I pulled this card, had Tommy John surgery. But it is still a hit from a repack!

There you have it - my newest repack. I don't know if I'd opt for this one a second time, but I don't regret pulling it off the shelves.

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