Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Air(s) From There

Back to the Too Many Manninghams mailer, and the the 2/14 content within.
This is actually a dupe. Sorta. I have the 'B' portion of this manufactured nameplate, so this puts me 40 percent of the way towards completing the nameplate.  Which I swear I won't go for. I promise.

Which means I can totally see myself going for it.
Mickey Wright's status as a legend in golf is not an exaggeration. Check out the back of this card:
And that's another HOFer in my 2/14 collection, alongside Boom Boom Geoffrion and Jim Kelly.
Football was the big winner in this one. Staring off with one of the better names in the collection with Tank Tyler in 1/1 plate format. Sure his real name is DeMarcus, but he has enough cards as Tank, and all his autographs are Tank, so that's enough to proclaim Tank as one of the better, if not the best names in the collection.
Pennant Alshon. How did I not already have this card?
Patrick Ramsey in shiny X-Factor form.

And the big winner in terms of volume, with 5 new numbered cards is the late, great Steve McNair.
Going clockwise, these are numbered /2500, /1250, /5000, /2179 and /1650. Wow. Those numbers got peculiar on the bottom portion.

Now I just have some Mets stuff to get to. Thanks for these, Dennis, with more thanks to come if I ever get to that aforementioned Mets content.

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  1. You may not go for that nameplate but I may have to go for it for you!