Sunday, 30 October 2016

A COMC Blaster - Part 2 - The Football Content

On a per-sport basis, it was football that won the day with this mailing. Sunday seems like the right day to show these off.
Opening up with the second of the two autographs that were in this package. While this isn't a licensed autograph, it still counts as an addition to the Buffalo Bills collection. I love adding autographs from the Super Bowl losing years to be binder.
Speaking of those years, one of the best memories from those years was the comeback. A bonus is that this photo is obviously from the game, as Andre Reed's jersey did look a bit disheveled after this Bills TD.
And the final Bills card. 6th rounder Kevon Seymour has yet to get a Bills card, but he has seen action so far this season. So this USC card counts.
From one shiny card to another.  I loved this image when it made an appearance in Topps' final flagship release. Jamaal Charles going straight ahead through a sheet of rain. I was awaiting this card's appearance on a nice shiny refractor. It didn't disappoint. If I ever chased a rainbow based only on the photo, this might be the one.
I also grabbed this card for the photograph, but then pulled one from my box of Field Access. The difference is that this was the blue parallel, and I pulled the base version. Oops.
Helmets and afros were never a good mix.
And ending with an odd one. While you would automatically associate Anthony Munoz with the orange you'd see on the Bengals uniform, that's not the orange in question here. The 'Orange Pride' is the orange of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The back of the card gives a hint:
And yes, Munoz never played a game for Tampa. This is a zero-year card. But, this is the only card from his playing days where he isn't listed as a Bengal, but even then he can't escape it via the rookie card appearance. Still, if you're an Anthony Munoz super collector and hate the Bengals, this is the card for you!

And that's the football. Tomorrow, the remaining baseball and hockey content.

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