Friday, 7 October 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39 - Something New in the Aisles

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I will buy at least one of any repack that shows up in the aisles at Wally World. I saw this type for the first time on Thursday:
Baseball repacks aren't that common on this side of the border. Why not?

Here were the packs:

2012 Triple Play * 4
2016 Babe Ruth * 2
2014 Perennial draft Picks *2
2015 Heritage High #s
2013 Series 2
2011 Elite Extra Edition (I think this was the promised hobby pack)

Some dupe packs in there, but at least they are all different years, and there was no 1990 Donruss. I'll lead off with the Triple Play and the Ruth packs.

A few weeks ago, I had never busted any of Panini's Triple Play. Now, I've gone from never busting any of this a few weeks back to getting both years of the product in the past few weeks.
Pack #1: Carlos Quentin looks like look some generic comic book mafia underling. But I do like the Tulo. As for the rest of the pack, I get a hit! Sort of. The real feel cards are actually part of the base set.

Since this isn't from a specific player, the back gives some history of the manufacturing of bats.
Pack #2: I didn't think there even were actual photos used in any player cards in this set. The Boggs card proves me wrong.
Pack #3: The only Jays card in these 6 packs. Still one more than the Mets I pulled.
Pack #4: Shouldn't the home run card actually show the ball clearing the fence?

Pretty much what I expected from these packs. No complaints about the content, except maybe some 2013 could be mixed in for variety.

Time for the Ruth packs.
I didn't need to scan this one. That's because this was a card-for-card dupe pack of the only other Babe Ruth pack I had busted previously, coming from a repack earlier this year. What are the odds? (Rhetorical question. Don't go all mathy on me)
Second one is better. The photo with Jack Dempsey is easily my favourite of the Ruth cards, but the Quotable insert is also neat, especially since the design has the quote on the front of the card as opposed to the reverse. A great recovery from the dupe pack.

5 packs to go.


  1. I would be temped to pick one up, then be upset there was actually no Stadium Clubs pack.

  2. I completed the master set of 2012 Triple Play... you did really well in your packs, believe it or not. The Hall of Fame cards (Boggs) are really tough pulls and seem to be short printed. The "relic" cards aren't easy either... they fall one to each hobby box. I don't think they were inserted in retail packs.