Saturday, 15 October 2016

It's Not Easy Being Green

But pulling green parallels was pretty easy for me.
This product is very matryoshka doll-esque. One outer box.
Two small inner boxes.
And then one foil pack before I finally get to the cardboard. 2 packs only here, containing 2 or 3 cards each.

Pack 1:
And the title of this post becomes relevant. The 2 cards both were green parallels /5. Alex Len's auto is pretty much a crap shoot, but that is one of the more legible ones. The third card, the #1 is a redemption for an unnumbered film cell card (much like the Anderson) of Andrew Wiggins. Looking at COMC, this box is already more than paid for if I were to sell these, but I'm opting to keep the Wiggins for my CanCon collection when it comes in.

Have I mentioned how much I love it that Panini honours expired redemptions?

Pack 2:
And if you think this post wasn't green enough, here's one more green parallel. Jamal might have missed the blank space where his signature was supposed to be, but that's made up for with a large "J Mash" as an on card auto.

It is strange, looking at the cards, that the ones I find the most interesting are the higher print-run cards (Wiggins & Mashburn), while the ones that will likely be COMC bound are the lower numbered cards. But that's the way the boxes bust.

2014 Strata tomorrow!

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  1. That's a pretty decent bunch of cards. I like the Jamal Mashburn especially. I am hoping that Ryan Anderson has a solid year for the Rockets. He's been on a lot of my fantasy basketball teams because of his ability to pile up threes while maintaining respectable rebounding numbers.