Sunday, 9 October 2016

Perfect Timing

I knew there was a reason I had yet to show off the Jays content from the Too Many Manninghams mailer. Timing.
If it was Sam Dyson pitching at the end, this might have been a better way to lead. Still, I'll admit to never knowing that he was with the Jays at one point, but did recall that Matt Bush was once with them in Spring Training (2009). Sam's time in Toronto was not memorable, as he pitched 2/3 of an inning over two games, and gave up 3 ER over that time.
My 3rd Mookie graph! Awesome! This is my first one of his on Toronto. He's had a few recent entries as a Jay, but all are buybacks from Leaf or from Archives Signature Series.
Here's another post-season Jays hero. The card does have a foil in the background, and it comes off obnoxiously loud in the scan.
There are three Jays alumni that I power collect, and all three of them were in this envelope. More foil backgrounds as well. And the folks at Pinnacle were correct, he was a can't miss prospect, but not as a catcher as was expected.
Back to the hits, here's the other Jays one in the bubbler. Travis seemed to be a perpetual outfielder of the future, but never really clicked. He was traded to the Pirates for Brad Lincoln in 2012.
And the rest of the Jays content!

And now, I just have the 2/14 and Mets content to get to in order to finally wrap up the trade.


  1. Poor Travis Snider. The guy just couldn't stick in the major leagues.

  2. Woooo Blue Jays! I don't particularly care for the Rangers so I enjoyed that sweep. I was just hoping Bautista would show us another bat flip. At least Odor was pretty much responsible for that winning run :-)