Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Just One Pack...of 2016 Artifacts

Time to check out the new stuff at the LCS with a sampler pack.
First card out is a guy who remains a PC guy despite his movement away from Ottawa. A different look for the base this year as the team logo moves away from its familiar spot in the lower middle, and the 'Artifacts' moves from the top of the card to the left side. I get a vibe from this similar to Premier's base cards.
The backs look very much like you would expect from the set based on previous year's designs.
Here are the other two base cards.

The final card in the pack is a hit or numbered card. What will the insert be?
A Boston Bruin who will be making his debut for the team this season. This card probably won't be showing up for another 6 months, once all the rosters are filled out across the league. If I were to bet, I'd go with Brandon Carlo, but with a few rookies that might see action in the first month, it could go in any direction.

And there's a pack of cards!

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