Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pack Sampler

Not exactly the newest stuff on the shelves, but I'll still try at least one pack of these. Although I'm slightly disappointed that Heritage Minors wasn't available.
A Mets card always makes a pack worth busting. Also, a pretty decent rookie with Urias (who surprisingly isn't a SP) and the Lincecum is a nice deviation from 6 other base cards with generic poses.
As for the Elite, the base sure was shiny. And the pictures sure are re-used. (And yes, they show up a third time on the reverse of the card).
But at least the insert was a Jim Kelly card. The only problem is that I have to decide whether this one goes into my 2/14 collection or my Bills collection. 1st world problems!

No more pack busting tomorrow. I promise.


  1. Whoa - Eaton has another card in the high number series?

  2. Are you willing to trade the. Franco Harris card?

  3. I never understand the appeal of "echo pictures"