Monday, 24 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 7 and 8

Pack #7:

Remember pack #6, which had 35 of the 45 base cards within being dupes. I can't say anything bad about collation after opening this. This one was entirely dupes. 45 dupes in this pack.
But, when the pack also contains one of these beautiful 'stamp' cards in it as opposed to the standard manufactured relic, it isn't that bad. I really like that this is for an event that took place in 1968 (Hank's 500th home run), and that date also appears on the stamp. A look at ebay shows all the ones there have this Illinois stamp on them, so I commend Topps on their ability to find 375 of this stamp.
And the rest of the inserts. Surprisingly(?), the Clemente does note the sad aftermath of Clemente's 3000th hit.

Pack #8:

In contrast to pack #7, this pack was entirely needed cards. I have no idea how I managed to complete the base set from this box, but I did.
Contenders for the best photo in this pack include this not-quite All-star game photo of Steven Wright.
But, it makes sense, since when you flip the card over, you realize he didn't get to play in the game. So Fenway does seem to be the better setting.
Getting a 'play at the plate' photo as your rookie card? Sweet. Jett Bandy sounds like a name from a create-a-player in a Madden game.
Your winner is this beautiful Brandon Moss card that makes the stadium and its surroundings as much of a star as the player featured. A horizontal variation on the Randal Grichuk Stadium Club card.
Mets content!
Jays content!
And your inserts. So you don't strain your eyes, it is Ian Kennedy on the gold parallel. The Franklin is a really unnecessary subset this time around, but at least I get a card of a post-homer Edwing. Plus, I know at least one blogger who should be interested that Plaza ended up in the First Pitch set.

And there you have it. Final packs up next, and that should land me the autograph in the box.

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  1. This is purely anecdotal, but I've noticed that boxes with a special hit like that stamp relic almost always have worse collation than a 'standard' box. Maybe there is something about the seeding algorithm that gets thrown off by those cards.