Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Nothing Subjective About This Assault on my Top 10 List

Since Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary made a major assault on my top 10 most wanted list.
I think this card was on my wantlist the longest, being a desired card for my 2/14 collection. Jordan is not a 2/14 baby (thankfully, considering the cost of adding his cards to my collection), but this photo, featuring Michael Jordan wearing #12, is from a game played on 2/14/1990. His real jersey was stolen from the locker room, so he had to take the court in a nameless #12. This is my second card of him in #12, and it looks like there is only one more available card to finish this portion of the 2/14 collection (points to wantlist).
This one arrived about 12 hours too late. Kinda. I'd put this Stanley Cup parade card of Greg Gilbert into my cart and hit ship at sportlots on Monday evening, only for this to arrive on Tuesday. Fortunately, the one I got from sportlots was the Special Effects parallel, so this one was still a need for my collection.
This was a mask binder want, since I really like adding baseball cards to that collection. With a nice creature-y mask like that, and a name like Maxim St. Pierre, it is no surprise that this former Tigers prospect was from Quebec.
And here's the auto variant of this. For someone that didn't use the traditional ultra thin sharpie to sign, that's actually a pretty nice signature. This one might even migrate from my masked hits binder into my penmanship binder at a later date.
Set completer! Or at least the SP-less base set completer.
And another set completer! WOO-HOO! That's two in one envelope.

And more Mets as well to close this envelope. Thanks for these bonus cards in addition to the all the wantlist cards!

Back to your occasionally scheduled repack postings tomorrow.

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