Friday 20 May 2016

Bills! Bills! Bills!

I know I overuse that title, but think as long as I limit it to once a month, all will be fine. This Buffalo post will show off some of the goodies from a mojobreak break of 2016 Score.
Probably the biggest surprise was seeing Corey Graham with a base card in the set. It is nothing against him as a player, since I really don't have any complaints about his time as a Bill so far, but that he's got a really small cardboard history. His last card was in 2012 National Treasures, and his last (and only) base card was in 2007 with SP Authentic. I'll guess he'll be the non-rookie in the whole set that has been away from base sets for that long.
And here's the Bills first rounder! Who will be out until who knows when for shoulder surgery. I commend them this year. Usually, it is around the third preseason game that I start getting depressed. This year, they managed to do it before training camp! Yay!
My only unnumbered base card was of someone who has caught the injury bug as well this off-season, but he should be ready for camp. I hope.
More Sammy on this /99 parallel. This is the Jumbo Gold parallel. As opposed to the unnumbered gold parallels from the regular packs. When you're recycling colours for your parallels in the same set, you might have too many.
Ronald Darby isn't in the base set, but his No-Fly Zone card does show up here in the inserts. It also features one of my favourite things to see in football card photos - the defender with the ball.
If the Scoreboard of Watkins was the only base parallel I landed among the unnumbered versions, that was more than made up for with these. Williams was a 5th rounder in the draft, and joined Cardale Jones as one of two Bills at the recent rookie premiere. So, that should mean that there will be plenty of chances to acquire hits of them over the season. Reggie Ragland was their 2nd round pick. In Tyrod we Trust. For now. And there's a Gronk card I don't mind adding. He was an undrafted free agent signing.
More Gronk? Sure!
And here's the second auto in the package. It is depressing, that on the basis of having some of the letters legible, that Ragland is easily in the top half in terms of penmanship among the rookie class. The best I've seen so far is Jalen Ramsey, a first rounder with the Jaguars.

I did land a base Ragland as well, but that's packed up, and will be on its way to Crimson Tide super collector jaybarkerfan.

And there is my May Bills, Bills, Bills post.

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  1. Yup, you're so right about them (Bills) not even waiting for preseason to crush us. So much for the whole shoulder injury being overblown or whatever. Just another year of Bills football!