Tuesday 3 May 2016

Tales of a JBF Mega-Box - Misc Hockey

Just the hockey left to go in this #supertraders box. Here's the first of two posts to end it.
The biggest additions to this were cards to the mask binder. And this might be my favourite of the additions. Not so much for the photo, but this was my first Gold Rush card from the 2011 Score set. I think these fell at a rate of one per box, but I never came across any in my repack packs of 2011 Score.
Again, this is probably the worst possible way to make a translation error with the first name. You'd think someone would say "Are we sure this guy's first name is translated this way?"
And a nice parallel to wrap up the horizontal portion of the post. That logo actually looks really nice with the die-cut.
More mask content!
And even more!
While the basic look for the headgear doesn't qualify for the binder, the classic yellow uniform and flying V definitely makes the miscellaneous binder.
New 2-14 content! This 2011 insert has been another one lurking on my zistle wantlist for a bit. My 116th Gaborik card.
This seems like another card I'd have in my Rangers alumni collection, but I didn't have it until it showed up in this mailer.

There was a nice variety of autographs in the mailer as well. I'll hit my personal highlights.
It is rare that I'll highlight a Leafs card, but I really like the framing of the photo here with the net in the foreground.
I was certain I had this card of career Ottawa Senator already in my Sens collection. I had an auto from Phillips, but not this auto. So, this one is another nice addition to the binder.
Another Rangers alumni. I had an auto of him as well in the binder, but this is my first NHL level autograph of him.
To wrap up the second-last post, an auto of the first Newfoundlander to hoist the Stanley Cup.

One more post to go for this, and it will easily be the best of them all!

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  1. Aha, I knew there'd be a Turco in there among the goalies! Fun to see a pair of Wings (Devereaux and Cleary) in there too.