Thursday 26 May 2016

Anatomy of a Complete Parallel Set - Part 4

Time to finish this up.
151 Cecil Fielder - The starting card of the final 1/4 of the set.

152 Lou Whitaker
153 Alan Trammell - I really like how the dirt of the infield flows between these two cards, despite one being at 2nd base and the other being at home plate.
154 Kirk Gibson
155 Cecil Fielder
156 Bobby Higginson
157 Kevin Appier
158 Wally Joyner
159 Jeff Montgomery
160 Kevin Appier
161 Gary Gaetti
162 Greg Gagne - Your official derp face card of the set.
163 Ricky Bones
164 Greg Vaughn - I always love the more casual photos as opposed to generic action photos in a set.
165 Kevin Seitzer

166 Ricky Bones - It probably says a lot about the mid 90s Brewers when they only have 4 cards in the set (tied w/ the Pirates), and two of them are devoted to Ricky Bones. But, he is a Mets coach now, so I don't mind too much.
167 Kirby Puckett
168 Pedro Munoz

169 Chuck Knoblauch - This is likely the most obvious BP photo in the set.

170 Kirby Puckett - And more infield dirt.
171 Don Mattingly
172 Wade Boggs
173 Paul O'Neill
174 John Wetteland
175 Don Mattingly

176 Jack McDowell - I'd completely blanked on McDowell's time with the Yankees (one season).

177 Mark McGwire - Celebratory photos aren't as intense in baseball as they are in hockey sets for anything but walk-offs, but they're still nice to see.

178 Rickey Henderson - There are not a lot of card photos where it appears that the player featured is caught in a run-down, but here you are!
179 Terry Steinbach
180 Ruben Sierra
181 Mark McGwire
182 Dennis Eckersley
183 Ken Griffey, Jr.
184 Alex Rodriguez

185 Ken Griffey, Jr. - Such a great casual pre-game photo.
186 Randy Johnson
187 Jay Buhner

188 Edgar Martinez - Speaking of things you do not see much of in card photos, howzabout a hatless in-game photo?
189 Will Clark
190 Juan Gonzalez

191 Benji Gil - More base-circling celebration.
192 Ivan Rodriguez
193 Kenny Rogers
194 Will Clark

195 Paul Molitor - And to end this set, the Blue Jays team portion.
196 Roberto Alomar
197 David Cone
198 Paul Molitor
199 Shawn Green
200 Joe Carter

And there you have it. Getting this complete parallel set was easily the highlight of the $15 3200 count box from the Expo. And I still haven't got to the 1995 Collectors Choice silver signature cards.

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