Sunday 1 May 2016

Breaking Gypsy

I got into a case break of Gypsy Queen with mojobreak, and here are the goodies!
I got several base sets worth of the base cards. No SPs for Toronto this year, so I don't have to worry too much about a costly final card or two. Much as I like the blue uniform, I'd really like to see more than just one photo in something else. It is Tulo that wins the photo wars in this.
There was one other appearance among the base cards of a different uniform look, but it was one of the SP variations. These fall at a rate of about one per 2 or 3 boxes, so luck was on my side for landing this one.
A little more photo variety among the minis with their variations.
Nice to see a new non-hit card of Carlos Delgado in the set. He does have an autograph in here as well, but it didn't fall my way in this break.
If I was picking the player for this insert, I would have gone with Donaldson's trip into third row in Tampa. But, I won't complain about any Jays' appearances among the inserts.
But Donaldson's walk-off against Chicago on 5-26-2015, did get him into the inserts.
My only numbered card of the break.
While I didn't get the Delgado auto, I did land the other available Blue Jays auto in the set. This is my 4th auto of the Jays' current closer.

And there you have it.

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  1. if you wanna swap one of those Jays sets, keep me in mind.