Monday 30 May 2016

When is a Dupe not a Dupe?

When it fits into two of my PCs! Aka: a trade with Waxaholic.

The main purpose of this trade on my end was to complete my Series 2 of Upper Deck's 15-16 base set. And I did, putting the finishing touches on it. I do need to highlight some of the photographs in the set that were included, and it was the Colorado Avalanche that came up as winners.
While their third jerseys made an appearance in this set on a couple other cards, this is the first one where we get a really good look at it. The shoulder white portion might be a little too big, but they look really nice on the card, with a sorta throwback to the original Rockies logo. And we also see the obligatory warm up puck pyramid collapse as well. But that third jersey makes me hope that Landeskog and Boedker make appearances in them for 2016 and I can add them to my Rangers alum collection.

Since I included a team set of the 2016 Gypsy Queen Toronto Blue Jays in the envelope, there were a few bonuses heading my way as well.
Some Platinum base cards.
Hey, it is my first card out of 2015 Contours. A new Karlsson card is always welcome, especially a numbered parallel.
And the card that inspired the title of this post. This autograph of Mike Hoffman. Mike really came out of nowhere as a 5th round draft pick to have a great season in 2014-15, and finally picked up his Upper Deck base card this season (although he had previous Panini releases). He also didn't have any relic hits until this season, and this might be his first certified NHL autograph. So, this is a welcome addition to my Sens collection.

And less than 12 hours before opening the envelope, I'd picked up one of these on ebay.

The good news is that Mike Hoffman is also a Kitchener Rangers alum (to the tune of 7 games). So, that one will find a home in a second binder.

Meaning that its dupe status is irrelevant.