Sunday, 15 May 2016

Worth The Wait

Sure, I could have picked up a hobby box of Series 2 when it first dropped. But then I wouldn't have got it for 2/3 of the price it was going for at the time. Despite generally not having the quality Young Guns that one sees in S1, but the inserts and update cards make it a more interesting break overall.
While I didn't get the big name this time around with th Eichel, I still got some keepers. There's a pair of mask binder cards that will be welcomed there shortly. A nice pairing of a ferocious looking mask on Sparks, and a cartoonish one with Ullmark. The Minions colours actually combine nicely with the Buffalo colours to make a pleasing mix. And a Bruin as well. Since I already got the Sens portion of this in a group break, it was nice to not get any YG dupes.
Canvas generally has more interesting photos than the base design, but you really wouldn't see that here. The Malkin is the best in that regards from a pretty bland grouping. But at least I landed a new Rangers alum card in Mason.
Better rookie names here overall than with the YG portion. And my Ehlers total in the 2/14 binder reaches 5.
My one per box relic is, of course, a Panther. At least it is a red swatch, but I'd really like to not be a magnet for Panthers hits anymore.
While I didn't get the Eichel YG card, getting his OPC Update card is a nice consolation prize.
And a pretty good name for the retro update rookie as well. The Oshie will also find a new home whenever the Junior Junkie's next trade package goes out.
The foils, like the relics, are one per box. While not a huge name, Forbort does have one of the nicer names to say aloud. Mainly because you can't say it and not come off as immature. For-bort. For-bort.
And these fall at a rate of one per case. While it isn't a PC card, I know someone who will like to find this in their next mailing, and the red border is perfection when it comes to a Red Wings card.

And, with a zistle trade in progress, I'm just 7 cards away from finishing S2's base set with this really good box. Now if I could only become a magnet for hits for a team that someone I trade with regularly collects.

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  1. email me or zistle the last 7 you need... I'll add them to my package heading your way.