Thursday 12 May 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 19.1 - Another Revisited Repack

I haven't busted one of these for a bit, so let's try another one. As before, this did include a 1997-98 Pinnacle Be a Player, so I'll set that aside along with the hit, and all the stickers (all were 08-09 Panini) for the second post, and cover other packs in this, which were:

1 2007-08 Ultra
3 2008-09 Victory
1 2008-09 Masterpieces
1 2010-11 Victory
1 2011-12 Score

A little too much from 2008-09, but such is the repack. I'll attack these chronologically.
Not too bad for the Ultra, landing the gold parallel of a rookie (which fell at a rate of one per box), and some mask binder cards. And the rookie is someone still active in the NHL, which is always a plus for an older product.
After completing the set yesterday, there was nothing I needed from the set aside from inserts. And even that was a dupe. P.U.
I have to show off everything from Masterpieces, even if I already have the base set. Daryl Evans' winner probably makes him the most obscure player to get painted in one of these, as they salute the Miracle on Manchester.
The 2010 Victory did land me a Milan Hejduk for the 2-14 collection, but that was a dupe. But it did land me a really nice Alfredsson insert as well. Done up in the Sens colours for the background, this is a beauty.

And the Score wraps up this portion of the box. Rod Pelley was probably the most obscure base card in this portion of the box. Kindl is a Kitchener Rangers alum, but this card was a dupe. Reimer is a mask binder dupe, and Okposo was the one per pack glossy. The Bagnall is, much like the Alfredsson, a really nice use of team colours for the card design.

A couple highlights in this group with the Alfredsson and the gold parallel, but not much beyond that.


  1. Never realized you could pull anything as nice as that Alfredsson out of Victory.

  2. Masterpieces = Awesome

    Can't wait to see whose autograph you pulled.