Wednesday 4 May 2016

Pack Sampler from the LCS

I'm finally back to normal and no longer typing up and scheduling posts several days in advance.
Why not sample some packs from the LCS? Two new releases, and one older pack for the set build. There's actually one more pack I got, but that will appear later this week.
Just five base cards in here. Only Mike Green was a dupe.
Only 5 cards means a hit was in the pack. While my Spezza collecting has dropped since he was traded to the Stars, so this is my first hit of his in a Dallas uniform.
I can't complain when the Bowman starts off with a Blue Jays card. Even if this doesn't feature the bat flip. Similar enough to last year's with positioning of the elements. It just seems like it is a little more full-bleed than 2015. But, since I liked last years, I won't complain about this year's.
Here's the remaining 9 cards. The Ketel Marte with the throwback uniform is the winner here, even though the top half of it made an appearance earlier this year in Museum.
There might be a little too much border in the Score release, as I really don't like the diagonal frame at the top. But the photography looks nice, even if it is just one card in. I'll probably wait a little bit before deciding what set to build, at least until I see what the sets look like when updated with drafted players listed on their teams.
More base. The Rams are updated with their Los Angeles move noted on their base cards.
Insert #1 is an unnumbered parallel. Panini ties these two players together with Lynch having a 100 yard game one week, and then Ivory having one the following week. Not against each other. Not against the same teams. Just two players with 100 yard games. Sneaky way to get more of Lynch into his final sets.
I like this college-to-pros insert set, but might have liked it more if they waited until later to include some players from this year's draft, even if they are just draft day poses with caps and uniforms.
A defensive subset? Sounds good to me! Although they really should have used a photo from the Giants game.
A Sidelines set might have potential, even if this generic photo doesn't really show it.
And the rookies. De'Runnya Wilson might have the greatest name in the pack, but he was undrafted. Ditto for Tre Madden, although he did sign with the Seahawks after the draft ended. Corey Coleman, however, was a first rounder. Unfortunately for him, it was Cleveland, where draft picks go to die.
That pretty much says it all.

Anyhow, there's three packs worth of cards!

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  1. Technically, the Marte is not a throwback. It's an homage to earlier MLB uniforms, but not an attempt at a throwback.