Wednesday 18 May 2016

Anatomy of a Complete Parallel Set - Part 3

After a short delay, back to the set.

101 George Brett - The overall set had a post-season feel to it, so having a 15 card subset devoted to October action is appropriate.
102 Joe Carter - And since the last October baseball anybody had seen was Joe Carter's walk-off, it is appropriate that he's in it.
103 Will Clark
104 Dennis Eckersley
105 Whitey Ford - Probably the only card in the set I'd consider replacing for one in better shape, since it has a pair of dinged corners, which I'd cropped out.
106 Steve Garvey - Much like with the Ford, it is nice to see some retired player content in this, especially since it is a nice photo of Garvey signing autos.
107 Kirk Gibson - And another player with a famous HR moment.
108 Orel Hershiser
109 Reggie Jackson - The least surprising person to find in an October-themed subset.
110 Paul Molitor - More Blue Jays content!
111 Kirby Puckett
112 Mike Schmidt - Blue uniforms!
113 Dave Stewart
114 Alan Trammell
115 Cal Ripken, Jr. - And now, the American League portion of the set starts.
116 Brady Anderson - A slight difference between the AL and NL portion, the team foil here is in red, while it is blue in the NL portion.
117 Mike Mussina
118 Rafael Palmeiro
119 Chris Hoiles
120 Cal Ripken, Jr.
121 Mo Vaughn
122 Roger Clemens
123 Tim Naehring
124 John Valentin
125 Mo Vaughn - Moment of impact!
126 Tim Wakefield
127 Jose Canseco
128 Rick Aguilera - Rick is trying to compete with Rod Beck for best mullet in the set. A good try, but Beck is still the king in this set.
129 Chili Davis - Chili doesn't appear to be too pleased with the umpire's call, even for a pre-season game.
130 Lee Smith
131 Jim Edmonds
132 Chuck Finley
133 Chili Davis
134 J.T. Snow
135 Tim Salmon
136 Frank Thomas
137 Jason Bere
138 Robin Ventura
139 Tim Raines - Tim seems equally unimpressed.
140 Frank Thomas
141 Alex Fernandez
142 Eddie Murray
143 Carlos Baerga
144 Eddie Murray
145 Albert Belle
146 Jim Thome - A Tatooine card (tm: gcrl)
147 Dennis Martinez
148 Dave Winfield
149 Kenny Lofton
150 Manny Ramirez - And it ends with a card that really doesn't give you a Manny being Manny vibe.

Just 50 more to go to wrap up my favourite part of the 15$ Expo box.

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