Saturday 28 May 2016

Me, and a $15 for a Dozen box

The title says it all here. I hit the local show earlier today, and took the opportunity to make some additions to my collection(s) through a box that cost me $15 for a dozen cards. The box had relics, autos, and rookie cards, and I managed to add to a several PCs through there.

I also spotted some cards for other people's PCs, but as usual you'll have to wait for them to show up at their blogs.
I'm always looking to add new Senators cards, especially ones of new players. This card featured the NHL cardboard debut of Ryan Dzindel, sharing it with two other players. This is also Carpenter's first card, and I'm guessing he's the first NHLer born in Oviedo, FL to reach the NHL. Despite that, Oviedo's wikipedia article doesn't think he's notable enough to be on their page.
One Sens card deserves another. It's just a one-colour relic, but I still can't pass on adding it to my team collection at the price it was.
I love designs that incorporate a cityscape into them. So, that means I can't pass on this nice, sunny card of Tomas Hertl. This card has a slight foil to the background, but it still scans perfectly.
There didn't need to be a relic attached to this card for me to pick it up for my mask binder. Ullmark's Minion mask might be favourite new one from this season, and their colours work perfectly with the team colours of Buffalo. And I just love cartoon themed masks over the more common ones that look like rejected album covers for some Swedish death metal band.
A lot simpler design here, but still a nice hit for the binder.
Can you ever go wrong adding a swatch with Nordiques blue to your collection?
Kitchener Rangers alumni hit!
Kitchener Rangers alumni Young Gun! And when the player is a legitimate contender for the worst autograph in hockey, if not all of sports, this is a far better option as a chase card.
Sometimes you just come across an auto in a bin, and think "That's a pretty decent name who doesn't have too many autos available." And you put it into your purchase pile.
2/14 hit! This puts Milan Hejduk at a palindromic 111 in total cards in the binder.
There wasn't just hockey in the box, since I also picked up a Drew Bledsoe hit for that portion of the binder as well. This is card #32 for him.
And to reach the dirty dozen, a Mets autograph! I don't quite care that William Santamaria never made it past A-Ball, it is still a Mets autograph for that collection, and a truly great name.

But wait, there's more!

I also spotted a small box with some well-loved late 70s cards in it for a dime each. Why not?
"As of 11-15-78, unsigned free agent" That's something you don't see a lot of on cards. And now you also know when the 78-79 OPC  went to press. Interestingly, he didn't play that season, but was active with the Jets next season. He got a card pictured as a Jet that season. Then for 1980-81, he was back pictured as an Islanders, but with the OPC classic "Now With Jets" text on it.

There is probably a story there. Even if it is OPC incompetence.
It really doesn't matter how well-loved they are, how can I pass on 1979s of Mikita and Cheevers for a dime each?
And two Kitchener Rangers alum end this small acquisition of beloved vintage cards.
But I couldn't wrap this up without showing the great cartoon on the back of Walt's card.


  1. That is quite the haul. I particularly like the Scrivens. Congrats!

  2. Nice! Really like the Frozen Fabrics card - I'm going to have to do a little eBay searching for myself.