Thursday 5 May 2016

Tales of a JBF Mega Box - Certified Schmertified

Or the best portion of the envelope by far.

I know that having the certified and guaranteed thingy to go with autographs can be a big deal. But in this case, I really don't card about such things.

Such as getting 15 autographs of hockey legends.
By far this one is my favourite. A player on my second-favourite team, with major ties to my hometown as one of the Kraut Line. Add in the number and the HHOF inscription and it is even nicer. Again, you also have an example of someone in his 80s or 90s (depending when this one was signed) with a better signature than many younger guys.
The only other Bruin in this envelope. Ed was the last goalie to play every minute of a team's regular season games, and picked up a pair of Stanley Cups with Boston in the early 70s.
Here's another legendary netminder, and another beautiful signature. I do like that a Maple Leaf autograph is done in blue.
After pulling one of his certified autos in a box of Final Vault, this is my second Dionne autograph I've gotten in the past month.
Ken Hodge was a teammate of Ed Johnston during their Stanley Cup winning years in Boston, and his son also played for Boston in the early 90s. This set of 2002 Archives only used reprints of their Topps/OPC rookie cards, so that's why some of the players so far (Hodge, Dionne) aren't pictured with their more famous teams.
And this is the final autograph of someone that I previously had one of. This one will join my previous Larry Robinson auto in with the Kitchener Rangers alum.
The first of two autographs of a player who has passed away. But for me, this is the most important thing (from his wiki).
He worked for the Ottawa Senators in the early 1990s as director of player personnel. He is credited with finding Daniel Alfredsson for the Senators. 
And the second autograph of a player who has passed away is another example of beautiful penmanship.
Chico! He's one player that I'd always considering adding an auto of to my collection, and now I've got one!
With apologies to Shoebox Legends, I think I'll hang on to this one of another enforcer.

But the big winner in terms of team additions were the Flyers:
I actually got two Rick MacLeish autos in this, so one will be #supertraded on and will be in the possession of Brad's Blog with my next envelope for there. Bernie Parent is another nice addition to my collection, but Brian Propp might be the best one here for the inscription. Not too many players would cite Howie Mandel as any sort of inspiration, but here you go!

And that wraps up a box. I've already started reloading for a future envelope, so I'll let you know when that's on the way!


  1. What generosity! These look phenomenal signed - especially that Hodge.

  2. Wow!!! Milt Schmidt is the man. I've got a few of his autos and that is 100 percent legit. I met him a few years ago at a B's game at the Garden and his handshake was like an iron vice. What a great set of autos.