Monday 25 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 18 - An Oldie but a Goodie!

On the upside, at least I didn't get knifed at the Grey Cup. Getting beaten in one of the more lopsided Cups in recent memory tends to take away any anger from fans who see you cheering on the visitors.

At the Expo there was a box filled with items for 25 cents apiece. If you bought a certain amount, it dropped to 20 cents each. Needless to say, I reached that amount with ease. It was the most random collection of cards imaginable. I picked up a Fergie Jenkins card in there. I picked up a Collect-A-Book of Spud Webb. A card of 'Classy' Freddie Blassie and the Iron Sheik? How could I say no? That Denny McLain from earlier this month? There as well. A complete set of 1992 NFL playing cards? Yup. And I'll be sharing all of them over the next while.

How to group cards from this batch? I guess chronologically will do. And I'll start with the 50s. A grand total of one card.

Saying the condition is well-loved would be an understatement. If I ever decide to submit a card for grading, suffice to say this one won't be it. Still, this is a nice addition to the collection.

While the highlight here is the presence of Richie Ashburn, there are also some spectacular monikers on here. Peanuts Lowrey! Granny Hamner! Thornton Kipper! Jim Greengrass!

All for 20 cents!

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