Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Just Commons Blaster - Part 2 - None of The Above

My run through justcommons saw me primarily pick cards that fit into one of three categories:

A) Mets
B) Carlos Delgado
C) 2/14 birthday boys

However, there were a small number that didn't fit into any of them, and these are the ones I showcase today:

Of the NOTA crowd, this was my favourite. There are some absolutely beautiful overhead shots of pitchers in various Stadium Club sets. I don't think this one quite reaches the greatness of 2001's Pete Harnsich card, but it still is pretty spectacular. Looking through his cards at COMC, this might not even be the best Lima card. There's ones of him bunting. There's ones of him wearing a glove on his head. Signing autos? There's one of those as well. Jose Lima left a great cardboard legacy.
I've posted this one before. Here it is again.
I can't remember which blog I saw this one on. It was still a "I gotta have this card" moment.
While this one was the same in terms of "gotta have this card", it was also a surprise I didn't already have this beauty lurking in at least one of my binders.
Well, at least Urbina is out of jail, if wiki van be believed. The highlight here is the open stadium roof behind him, with a blimpse of the office tower that lurks over Stade Olympique.
Hiram Bocachica.  Hiram Bocachica. I love the name Hiram Bocachica.
For all the Mets I bought, this was the extent of my Blue Jays pickups. The Eric Plunk card would actually count as one of Nick @ Dime Boxes' zero year cards. Eric never threw a pitch during the regular season for the Jays. This is his only card where he is even sorta listed as playing for Toronto.
And these two cards were in the bubble envelope even though I didn't order either. Free cards is free cards!


  1. Bocachica Bocachica Bocachica - sounds like a 70's TV car chase scene.

  2. I thought I got a couple free cards from Just Commons, too.. but then I looked into my order list and it turned out they were wrong cards.. same card numbers from different sets than I wanted.. so you might want to check that.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as defgav. I got an order from Just Commons with two cards off by one number and one off by one year. I shot them an email and they sent the right cards.