Saturday 9 November 2013

Not quite Expo Goodies Post #2 - Group Break Goodies!

I might not have to wait to show you my best pull from the Panini Redemption packs. A picture of my pull is up on Panini's blog. Which one am I? Hint: I'm a Mets fan and love 3-down football. With apologies to Habs fans, this one isn't for trade unless an insane offer is made. And by insane I mean when I get your address, instead of sending the card, I'd probably call your local police to report an unwell individual.

Anyway, off to finally posting the goodies from the Nachos Grande break. I picked the Mets, and got the White Sox through the randomizer. Let's dig in to the goodies!
Number one and the best coming my way was this. A pair of Mike Piazza's pants! Or at least a piece thereof. There's nothing I can add in way of a comment that won't be viewed as dirty, so I'll just stop there.
Mike Piazza was definitely the Mets MVP in terms of volume, with 5 different cards of his in addition to the relic. My favourite of this bunch might be the throwing card in the upper left. A classic 'tools of ignorance' card.
Even with two teams, I only got one card from the Origins portion of the break. No complaining though - it's a nice retroish card from UD.
Lots of prospects spread out over 2 cards. None of whom had anything more that a cup of coffee in Mets colours.
Willie Mays as a Met from an insert set? A nice surprise.
There were lots of contenders for best photo among the Mets cards, but all 4 of these fell short.
As the back of this El Sid card showing him swinging the lumber wins it.
On to the White Sox portion. Lots of Frank Thomas highlighted this portion.
A pair of sliding cards highlighted the photography in this portion.
But the big winner here was a nice array of throwback uniforms, or at least hats.

I think I'm finally caught up. Expo goodies start showing up tomorrow!

Still, a lot of this White Sox portion will be going their

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