Thursday, 7 November 2013

Repack Randomness - aka WTH is this card?

I made a trip through Ye Olde Dollarama this morning. With the Expo tomorrow, I do envision picking up lots of trade bait for the usual suspects. Henceforth, I needed bubble envelopes. While there, I pulled a random 15 hockey cards for a dollar repack off the racks.

In the middle of the pack, was this card.

There is no copyright or any other sort of identification on this card. It is a team shot of the UM-Duluth Bulldogs, and since it highlights Hull, it is obviously something from his playing days in the NHL. Nothing at COMC. Zistle shows some team sets, but this is obviously not from those for the fact that Brett is spotlighted with ALL CAPS. Searching for Hull and Duluth even at ebay shows nothing. So what is this card from?


OK. Enough of this, what else was in this pack?
This was the reason I got this repack - a base card that will cartaily be sent to TMM.
A star-spangled card - featuring a Ukranian.
A pair of cards destined for my masks binder.
And this rather unattractive card. I thought this had to be one of the ugliest photos I'd seen, only to look up the Classic 4 Sport set to see that much of the set used this ghastly blurring effect.

Oh well, more repack randomness is always welcome in my binders.

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  1. The Hull Card is from this set