Friday, 15 November 2013

Another Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams

I'm always sending off my many Wolverines to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. They seem to populate the varied bins here, along with sticking out on the front of my beloved repacks. More on that when I get to my next repack purchase. Anyhow, another package arrived earlier today, and that's what I'm going to do in order to take a break from the Expo posts.

My 2/14 binder got another hit page filled, with the arrival of 5 new cards for the collection. I'll start with these.

Eric Nystrom is an interesting case. He's a 2/14 guy, and he's also a Wolverines alum. So, purchases of his hits tend to be, "One for me, The next for TMM", and so on. I did the same thing with Jalen Rose at the Expo for my Raptors collection.
Here's my first hit of Petr Svoboda. Acquiring his hits is always risky, since there was a second Petr Svoboda around late in this one's career. The one I want doesn't have any Leafs cards, so it isn't that hard as long as I can see the image.
Justin Miller makes his debut into the hits portion of my binder with this hit. He doesn't have any hits from any NFL cards, so this NCAA one will have to do.
And the final autograph out of the 4 with this Callix Crabbe. He doesn't appear to have any relic hits, but this is my third Crabbe auto.
There was one relic in the envelope was this of Alshon Jeffery. It's my second hit of his - both relics. I think he's one of two current guys in the NFL with cards that is a 2/14 baby, with the other being Deonte Thompson.

Speaking of Alshon, one of the common questions I am asked is "What's in your COMC cart?". I listed them, and here was one item sitting in it:
This is the last of the 6 additions to the 2/14 binder. Alshon currently sits just outside double digits with 9 current cards of his.

But a 2/14 baby inspired this card being in my cart. I picked up a Petr Svoboda from this Czech set, and was surprised to see that it featured a fight on it. I looked through the images of the cards, and found this one as well:
I obviously can't read the Czech on the card, but they do date where the photo comes from, and it is from the 3/31/00 game with the picture of the fight with Rumun Ndur being as Reuters photo.
This card looks like something right out of a horror movie. It spent a bit of time on my Top 10 Most Wanted list.
And here's another Cesare card, where he really looks even more intimidating in the middle of all the chaos.
I wanted a nice shot of the 'Zilla' chin portion of Olaf Kolzig's Godzilla mask. This shinier one was actually cheaper than the base.
Staying in DC, this was another one in the cart. It has everything to do with the story on the back:
I love the story of Alfred Morris and his Bentley.
Continuing with this, there was some damage done to my Archives SP wantlist with these 3. It drops my wantlist for this set into single digits.
There were a trio of Andre Dawson cards to wrap the mailing up. This card of him as a Marlin is my favourite of the three. The Final Tribute, combined with his complete stats on the back make this card incredibly special.


  1. I've always loved that '73 Maniago, one of my favorite hockey cards ever.

  2. Fun to put together as always, and I should be putting up a post for your most recently-arrived envelope in the next day or so, hopefully before the NEXT package arrives! By the way, between the goalies and football players, there's a whole lotta face-maskin' going on in this post!