Thursday 14 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 7 - Just One Pack

I did take a quick look through some of the 2013-14 Upper Deck cards at the Expo. I admit that I was disappointed. A cursory look showed at least 4 base cards that used the same image as the Score set. I remarked when the Score set came out that UD would have a tough time competing in terms of photo choices. By that I meant that I was hoping for even better choices, not the exact same ones. The ones I found after a short look were Jeff Carter, Andrew Cogliano, Derrick Brassard and Nikolai Kulemin. I'm sure if I were to spend some time on ebay comparing and contrasting, I'd find more.

That sucks. Score came out months ago. If you can adjust the set to include a card of Hertl, I'm sure you could find a new photo once you realize your competition opted for it first. In their defense, the 4 cards were among my favourites in the Score release, especially Carter's hat trick card.

So, I'm probably limiting my UD base purchases this year to this single, solitary pack. It turns out none of these were repeats.

Here's the first card out of the pack. It's hard to complain about this one. The beard would indicate this one is from the playoffs. In terms of picture choices, my fave in this pack.
The problem with having the bottom of the card so busy is that it obscures the puck in cards like this. Seeing it flying towards you in a card is one of my favourite looks in any card.
Another celebratory shot. I thought this might be a repeat, but it turns out Casey didn't even have a card in Score 2013.
A Sen! WOO-HOO! Although they lose major points for having the generic side of his mask visible.
...and putting his heritage mask on the back. This is as good a time as any to showcase the backs of the cards. No surprises here. Bright and colourful as can be expected.
Hey! I pulled an SP Young Gun. It isn't the Oiler who you really wanted to pull, but it is still a pretty promising player.
At least you can see the puck in this one, peeking through the design.
Hey. It's a card of the Montreal mayor's least favourite player. Nice.

Yeah. I can't really see myself building this set beyond hunting for cards for the mask binder.

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