Friday 8 November 2013

A Just Commons Blaster - Part 4 - The 2/14 Binder

Time to post the last of the cards I picked up from sportlots, with their destination being the 2/14 collection. It was this group of cards that put me over the 500 mark for the binder.

First up, the biggest jump in terms of card was the Larry Milbourne collection, which now stands at 7 after these cards. 4 different teams as well! As of now, I've got all 5 of Larry's potential teams represented in the binder. The Twins are an exception, but there aren't any available.
The other big addition was Brad Halsey, who jumped from 1 to 4 with these 3 cards. All 3 of his teams are represented with these additions.
And the rest! While it is always nice to add a Ginter to my collection, my favourite here is the Scudder. It's the first Pro Debut card in the binder.

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