Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Trade w/ Scott Crawford - Part 6 of 6

I guess it is time to wrap this trade up. It has only been, what, a month and a half. Probably more. I've done the Bills portion, the Expos portion and the Jays portion. Now, it is the Mets portion.

I was going to go through this chronologically. It just so happened that this card was among the oldest, and it was one of my two favourites in the whole Mets portion of the trade. A great, dust cloud filled photo makes up for the fact it highlights a Mets loss.
Although this casual looking card of Ed Kranepool awaiting the throw at first is also nice.
Doug Flynn comes to the grim realization that the guy on the other side of the batting cage is far better looking and more worthy of a close up on his card than him.
1979 Topps was probably the most frequent set in the trade. I'd picked up the OPC of Nino a few months back. Now, it was the Topps version. Kevin Kobel looks like your Criminal Minds unsub of the week.
"Jose Cardenal looks on" - MST3K, during Angel's Revenge.
The cap design is one of my favourites for Topps. It's nice to welcome a couple of these to my binders - especially the Glynn. That's got a great angle on the photo with the wind-up.
A nice rookie of a guy who was part of the famous game 6 rally. Thankfully, to salute that rally, he's shot from the waist up. Assuming that rumour that he was pantsless in the locker room, not knowing he'd be called on to bat.
Minor league cards! As if you couldn't tell from the lip curl, Kirk is a distant relative of the more famous Presley.
Dr. F: Show 'em your Tug McGraw, Frank.
Frank: I'm Tug McGraw.
That's my second reference to MST3K: Angel's Revenge in this episode.
This Gilkey was the other contender for the greatest photo in the package.
With this one of Franco (although it could also qualify as an Olerud) being a distant third.
I just liked this one for the autograph portion. I remember hearing the announcers during one of his games talking about he wanted to have a good autograph, since his father also had a rather nice one.
And finally, a Heritage minors card for someone that might have made his debut this past season, if not for the pesky BioGenesis scandal.


Sorry it took so long to work my way through all this, but thanks for the trade!

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