Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 6 - Hometown Heroes Box Break - Pack 4 of 12

With this, I'm a quarter of a way through this incredibly fun box. If there is a place with this stuff on sale around Black Friday, I might host a group break of two or three boxes.

Jack McDowell
John Tudor - The first of the "Wow. He's got a card" moments in this package. For guys like this, I always head over to COMC to see when the last card was. He had a card in Fan Favourites in '05, but nothing since the early 90s.
Mickey Lolich
Keith Moreland - Another Wow card. His last COMC card was in 1990.
Jose Rijo
Justin Verlander
Frank White
Bobby Witt - The third WOW card of the package. He did have cards through 1998, but is still a nice surprise to see his card.
Felix Hernandez
Bob Gibson
Manny Machado
Mookie Wilson - MOOKIE! I loved pulling his card from Archives this year. I loved pulling one here. I love coming across Mookie cards from a 2013 product pack. This set rules.
Mike Zunino - With cards like this, the lack of logos don't matter.
Greg Maddux
Randy Johnson
Joey Votto - CANCON!
Craig Biggio - Homegrown Heroes - These seem to highlight players that have spent their entire big league career with one team.  Players like Rivera, Brett, Ripken and Helton are in this one.
Giancarlo Stanton - State Parallel
Rick Dempsey - City Hall
Goose Gossage
Todd Helton
Gary Sheffield
Mike Trout
Justin Morneau - More Cancon.

4 packs in, I've got 81 of the non-SP base cards out of 260. While putting it together through the box is out of the question, getting it within a reasonable sportlots distance won't be.

I've got to take a break and post something else tomorrow so you don't end up in HH overload.

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