Wednesday 20 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 14 - Tradewinds

Naturally, I didn't just grab cards for myself. I was also on the lookout for cards for others in blog-land, particularly those not fortunate enough to live in hockey crazy environs. One such was Fuji at the Chronicles a Fuji, a Sharks maniac. I picked up a handful of relics to send out west, and a few came my way. So, while these following scans aren't technically Expo cards, they still indirectly are.

Since I completed the goal for the Ottawa Senators, and am 1 out for doing so for the Blue Jays, I decided to continue to work on the same project of acquiring at least one card of every player for the Raptors. I'm 30ish out for that, but here's one player that can come off the list via this hit - Gary Trent. He spent a grand total of 13 games here, but that's still counts!
And one former Raptor deserves another. I thought I'd had at least one hit of Bosh, but it turns out I was wrong about that one and this one is my first.
And how about a card of a future Raptor? I love the design on this one, especially considering how the colour of the jeresey works with the background. Looking at other images of this card at COMC, it actually looks so much better with just the one colour.
If the Anthony Bennett towel relic I grabbed at the Expo wasn't enough to inspire me to start a small collection of NBA Cancon, this should be enough to seal the deal and get a small album going. It isn't like there are a lot of them so far. I'm guessing that changes next year when they include about 50 cards per set of this Wiggins fella.
Getting away from basketball, I also brought in a pair of football autos from Masterpieces. Garcia goes into my CFL alumni collection, with McKelvin on his way into my Bills binder.
Despite the Raptors, Bills and CanCon, this might be my favourite of the bunch. I always lament on the lack of cards for kickers and OL guys, so here not only is a card, but a hit for a kicker. Amazing. I know I've seen some for Sebastian Janikowski, but I can't imagine there being too many hits out there for kickers.

Thanks for the second great trade over the past month or so! I'll keep scouring the boxes for Sharks hits!

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  1. Glad the cards arrived safely. Thanks for another awesome trade.