Monday 11 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 3 - Hometown Heroes Box Break - Pack 1 of 12

This was the box I purchased to pick up the Panini redemptions. I was interested in this once I saw the checklist for the product - filled with players I remember from the junk wax era that don't really have any cards in any contemporary product. It looked interesting and the base set looked nice despite the lack of license, so I was hoping someone there would have a box of the stuff for redemption purposes. They did, so I went for it.

I'll say this much. I can't think of a recent product that had me reacting to the base as "WOW! He's in the checklist! Cool!" I think it happened at least a couple times with this list.

Tony Pena - And this was the first card I saw and the first time I was amazed by the variety of the checklist. He hasn't had a base card since his managerial days in Kansas City. Really cool.
Elvis Andrus
Dan Gladden
Hunter Pence
Ron Gant
Johnny Damon
Reggie Jackson - You kinda knew that Reggie would be in this set. The only question is which team he would be listed as with. IF you guessed Oakland, you win!
Roy Halladay
Shawn Green - My first Blue Jays pull.
Pablo Sandoval
Alex Gordon
Stephen Strasburg
Mike Schmidt - It seems pretty useless to hunt for interesting photos on a set like this, but this bubble blowing shot of a HOFer might qualify as one I'll look for a dupe of my binders.
Dan Petry - And for the least flattering photo - this one!
Mike Greenwell - Zip Code parallel - Unlike the Sabathia parallel that Thorzul Will Rule posted over the weekend, 02215 does seem to resolve pretty close to Fenway park. At least as per mapquest.
Joe Mauer - Sportsdiscs - Sportdisks. Sportflics. Tomato. Tomato.
Signed By The Enemy - Lenny Dykstra - WOO-HOO! A Mets auto! Kinda! Sorta. IT's a Signed by the Enemy that salutes his departure to the Phillies. It says "New York" on the card. I'll still call it a Mets auto. It isn't like I'm busting this stuff in a group break.
Josh Hamilton - Curtain Call - Gold Parallel
Josh Hamilton - Curtain Call  - Neither card is numbered. It salutes his 4 home run game with the Rangers. The subset salutes moments that earned a tip of the cap from the hometown faithful. Strangely it doesn't
Harold Baines
Huston Street
Jim Sundberg - And this was the second card that made me amazed at the variety of the checklist. Cross checking with COMC says this is his first card since the 1994 Ted Williams set. I'm saying 'wow' over base cards. That's worth a purchase any time.
David Wright - At least there's no doubt this is a Mets card. And I'm still happier over the Pena and Sundberg cards.
Hyun-Jin Ryu

One pack down. 11 to go. I assume once I've collated this, I'm definitely going to finish the non-SP set. The SPs number 40, and I only pulled two in the box. One of which was a parallel. One that almost got me started with a geography rant for the ages. I'll cross that card when it comes up.

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  1. These are awesome, I'm somewhat interested in a modern product for the first time in a while. Can't wait to see the rest of the box!