Sunday, 10 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 2 - Panini Wrapper Redemption - The OMG Card

I'd hinted at this since Friday. The Panini wrapper redemption pulled me a card that had me going nuts. It was a "show everybody my pull" pull. I'm guessing some cards that didn't make it into old products ended up in these, as, after working my way through 11 packs, this came out of the 12th pack.
AWESOME! An  autograph of an absolute legend! A Hall of Famer! A man who has his number hanging in the rafters! One of the greatest of all time! And it is a beautiful, clear, legible on-card signature. Sure, the guys crazy over the latest rookie would be bored to tears by some black and white photo and a guy they never saw play. Too bad. This beauty is a definite keeper that nothing short of a certifiably nuts offer would be needed to pry it from my possession.

At least for me, the other cards paled in comparison, but I'll show them off anyhow.
Another rookie /399. It really says a lot that a numbered rookie card of a heavily hyped player is only a blip. But the same could be said for the Puig or EJ Manuel. Just a blip behind the awesomeness of Jean.
The only other card that really didn't have a partner was this Select of Komarov. It is /35, but considering he returned to the KHL, it isn't that nice of a pull. Still, a Leafs fan wants it, I'll be a cheap date.
These just seem to be part of a generic Expo only set. The Niedermayer combo actually look pretty nice together, although the shiny parallel surprisingly wasn't numbered. The top 3 are all packed up and will be on their way to other bloggers on Tuesday, heading to Too Many Verlanders, 2*3 Heroes and Cardboard Conundrum respectively.
Lots of this Hot Rookies as well. I'd been looking for a Cory Conacher outside of set building to join my every Senators player ever project. In fact, with a Simon Lajeunesse card arriving this week, he became the final member as of the close of last season. Of course, there will still be more to come that debuted in the Capital Region this season. I'd also had my eyes out for a Ryan Murphy for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. That one will fit nicely in there. Petr Mrazek will be on his way into the 2/14 binder. Nobody could figure out why this card made me pretty excited.  Ryan Spooner will be part of a PWE heading to Shoebox Legends.  If anybody wants one of the other 3, just ask.
And these 5 Prizms round it out. The top 3 are all /30, but unfortunately they look a lot nicer in the scan than in hand. There's a streak running down the middle of all of the cards. It's most noticeable on the Jordan rookie card. That's a let down overall. But...

Beliveau auto! FELL HUCKIN' YEAH!


  1. Whoa! Unreal card, just an awesome autograph. Congratulations, nice to see a pull like that for a collector that deserves it. I rounded up a bunch of cards for you, too many for a PWE, so there will be a bubble mailer headed your way this week...

  2. Congratulations on pulling the Beliveau! Awesome card!