Friday 1 November 2013

View from the Skybox Group Break goodies

This only took me about a month from the package's arrival until posting. Pretty typical for lazy ol' me. It was of 4 retail boxes of 2012 Prizm. But, there were also bonus packs and repack-ish cards in as well. I picked up the Jays and Mets.

With the break, I did get the complete base sets for both my teams. That's fine by me. The best cards?

They came from the Mets portion of the Prizm, with a nice rookie of Matt Harvey, and an insert of Seaver. No complaints here.

Also in was a pack of Phil Rizzuto's National Pastime Baseball. They're definitely as interesting set. Phil was the only player I pulled, but the vintage images are interesting.
Finally, a pack of 1988 Donruss.
3 Mets out of 15 cards! That's a ratio I approve of. Although I didn't think it was the most interesting card.
It is this Paul Noce that features the thinnest Cubs shirt ever.

There were also some random cards in for the picked teams.
My favourites from the Mets were these pair of Glavines. One is certainly from his 300th win, and I'm thinking the other might be as well. Cool photo choices.
And any appearance of David Wright is a good one.
The best of the Blue Jays was this shiny AJ Jimenez. Is he the latest Jays catcher of the future?
Digging into the rest of the random repack-ish card, one of my favourites was the appearance of my favourite French bulldog aficionado.
I'm required to hate the Yankees as a fan of the Mets & Jays, but this a great card..
One of my favourite names in baseball.
And to wrap it up, some CanCon.
Both of which were Brewers cards.

Thanks for the break and the random-y repack cards! If there's a next time, I'll try to post the goodies sooner rather than later.

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