Thursday 2 June 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 17 - Hanger and a Hit


There's always an appropriate time for one of these. And it is always an easy decision as to which one to pull off the 7-11 hangers when there is one of these holiday parallels is the visible card.
It is a nice grouping of cards when one hits several of my PCs in the group. Tarasco lands in the Expos binder with his card, which appears to have a photo just after a brushback pitch. Morneau lands in my CanCon binder. And since Early Wynn was a radio voice for the Blue Jays in their early years, he naturally counts towards the Blue Jays collection. Why wouldn't he? As I always write, My Binders: My Rules.
From back when Sterling wasn't insanely high-end, a simple relic for my Expos binder. And at least the photo does feature a bat as opposed to a fielding photo to accompany the appropriate relic. 
Another fun group. Pacific seems odd as a baseball product, even when they had releases over several sports in  the time period. We're late in their run, but that's still a great photo of the pillbox hats on the Ortiz. The placing of his hand right next to the stripe on the uniform pants is in the perfect position to make it look he has the freakiest finger ever.
All 3 of my team collections get a card in the last group. In an odd connection of cards within this, you see the Tom Cheek memorial patch on the John McDonald card. Tom Cheek was the radio voice of the Jays from 1977 through 2004, with those first years being alongside...Early Wynn.  Again, that Wynn is a Jays card.
And here is the finale. Both visible cards were ones that looked like flagship entries, but not quite flagship.
And since there were cards with cartoons on the back, I might as well show them off too!

There you have it!

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  1. Nick Johnson played for a little bit, so that's a nice pack!