Thursday 23 June 2022

A Rangers Roundup

Today, some more Kitchener Rangers stuff that was either picked up on e-pack or cheaply through COMC.

Up first, the AHL! Ryan hasn't seen the NHL since 18-19, but is still doing the AHL thing. Two years ago, he was in the Vegas system, thus giving me my first Henderson Silver Knights card anywhere in my collection. He was with Grand Rapids last year.
The e-pack exclusive Green Signature parallels are the set that had the most content in the mailer with these 3. And today really does seem like the perfect day to be posting a Kadri card, mere hours after he placed Colorado one game away from winning the Cup after his relatively stealth game-winner last night. 

Player-wise, Dominik Kubalik was the odd-man out in the MVP group, so here he is on his own in a Dazzlers insert from 20-21. He made a return in this year's release, so there's a COMC wantlist item.

With MVP winning the volume battle in terms of sets, someone also has to win it for an individual players, and this time it is John Gibson, who now has 54 appearances in the Rangers alumni binders. I really need to put these onto a spreadsheet like with my 2/14 collection, so I can compare their counts easier. As of now, I think Gabriel Landeskog leads the way with 92. 
Can't get any more e-pack exclusive than a Pack Wars card.  (which I admittedly know absolutely nothing about how Pack Wars works, but if it means I can get PC cards cheaply at COMC, I approve!
Even cards /100 aren't that expensive in COMC-land, as long as the player isn't a huge name. The black update parallels are a part of Series 2, and mostly feature rookies missed in O-Pee-Chee's main set, with a handful of 'traded' cards. At least the photo works nicely with the border.
Even hits aren't that expensive. So, I am wrapping this up with a patriotic swatch of the Kings second round draft pick from last season. While this is a rather dull plain white swatch, red might have been overdoing it for that colour on this card, so I don't really have too much of a problem with it. 

There you have it!

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