Tuesday 14 June 2022

Donruss Sampler

 One good retail sampler deserves another.

Especially with the local Wally World not having any Series 2 yet. The packaging is the extent of the Wander Franco I'll find with this pack break.

Here's my opener. As seems to be the norm for Donruss, there's a lot of border in this, but at least there is some presence of the team colours.
Your first batch of base cards. Exactly what one would expect from this photographically, with shots used that minimize the need to wipe team logos. Blyleven is a pleasant surprise to find a card of in this set.
Other than the close-cropping on the Hoskins, nothing really stands out in this group as notable.
Some Mets content finally, with Pete Alonso getting the 1988 retro treatment. The Diamond Kings do have the appropriate garishness you'd expect. That is Kyle Schwarber on the Waltham variation. He's not from Waltham, Mass. Somebody felt that he should have been from Waltham, Mass, and the nickname stuck. 
I like this stat line parallel /71 (his total career stolen bases) more anyhow. 
Here's those red foil parallels that the pack promises. While the pack didn't provide Wander Franco content, Marsh isn't too bad of a guy to get the Rated Rookie parallel of. That Vladdy is bound for this binder. While I'd rather have a Montreal card of his, this is still pretty nice, since the red works with the Anaheim colours as well And the purple looks nice too with the red. 
And there's the Vector parallel, which is actually a parallel of an insert. Yet more future content for a Watertown-bound Dodgers mailer, which is especially vital since Repack #14 arrived earlier today here.

There you have it! 

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  1. Ooh, an arrival! With the way mailing these days (and the price of it), that is not to be underestimated!