Wednesday 8 June 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18.3 - Forgotten but not Gone


As we start off the second portion, we do get the most interesting of the opening cards. The umpire scrambling back into the action is a bonus.

It is the backgrounds that steal the show in the first batch. The out-of-town scoreboards are a flashback to the time when all the interleague games were played on the same day. And Nelson Liriano's return to the Skydome is marked by also posing for photos for his Topps card,

Update to start with Guante. Update to end with Schrom. With a Diamond King/Expo among the meat in the sandwich.
And your last batch. One more 1986 Topps update card, which made it the most common set in the repack. The 1990 Score looks perfect for Oakland cards. But yeah, this hasn't been the most interesting portion of the repack.  

Hopefully the final group of 20 is more interesting. This started good, but went 'blah' fast.

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