Monday 20 June 2022

Drugstore Cardboy

This means this post will feature some cards picked up at Shoppers. Could I call this another Adventures in Repacks session? Probably! But because I can see the packs contained within, I won't. But these are said packs. I don't think I've ever busted any 2003 Pacific.
The content was pretty basic, but I did get myself a new Sens card in the group. Also, I don't think I could have told you Shawn McEachern was the Thrashers' captain at one point. It is kinda hard to tell from the scan, but the Langenbrunner is a blue foil parallel. 
It is a lot easier to tell when you turn the card over, as the others aren't /250. 
With a 15 card set in packs consisting of 5 each of current stars, rookies and legends, you know you're getting some pretty solid star power in one of the National Hockey Card Day packs. And this pack certainly provided that, even though the set on the whole could have used some variety in teams represented. Why not stick Messier on the Rangers or Canucks if there's already an Oiler in the set? Or Sittler on Philly?

But even with that minor little nit to pick, there you have it! 

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