Tuesday 31 May 2022

Just One Pack - of 2022 WWE Prizm


I've been doing several solo-card posts since returning from vacation - so let's deviate completely from that with an entire chrome-y pack. 

The Empress of Tomorrow is my opener. No complaints here! The colours almost give Asuka's photo a Sportflics like effect. 

And your card backs are pretty much exactly what I'd expect. Given there's no real season with wrestling, I'll forgive the lack of stats on the back outside of the hometown.

These base chrome scans really show off the filth on my scanner.

The first 100 cards of the base set have horizontal formats, with the final 100 being vertical. The final 190-200 are for legends, but there are others scattered throughout the 200 card base set. My familiarity with the NXT UK portion is spotty at best, so they really seem odd here placed between Chyna and The Rock. 

In a nice twist, the orientation of the card back changes to match the front's.
My first parallel. I'm somewhat disappointed by the photo choice. Shanky is billed at 7'3, and he just  looks like some generic guy here. His stare is intimidating, but it would look so much better if they tried the "Andre the Giant standing on a box" look with a photo from a lower angle.
Here's those promised RWB parallels. This pack definitely had collation issues. But as long as these are nice and shiny, the important part of Prizm comes through. I probably should have shown off these patriotic cards on Memorial Day yesterday. Even if the only American in the group is the one who has a name that is a homophone with another country.
And here's a couple inserts to end it. 

A perfectly acceptable pack o'cards, although at the current cost of packs, this is definitely a one-and-done for me. I've done better on epack with AEW anyhow, even if I won't be about to show those off here for a couple months.


  1. Asuka is so colorful. It'd be cool to build this set's rainbow of her.

  2. Thanks for showing them off! I'd consider a pack or two if the set was just legends.